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Introducing ... The Snug!

We're happy to announce the launch of our new, adult-only community area!

Our visitors are invited to fully immerse themselves in The Snug, Affinity Staffordshire’s community-based space, to socialise, relax, watch the world go by, or simply, meet friends!

The Snug will introduce numerous facilities to offer the general public a safe, relaxing and community environment. We have provided a free, library facility, in which guests can read, borrow, or swap various forms of literature. What makes a library and community space unique, is not its resources (although those do help!) but it’s ability to bring people and information together. Which is exactly the message that we want to promote!

Additionally, a donation station will be provided for both essential items and non-perishable items. The main message of this station will be ‘If you need it, take it’. This will enable a swap-station to accept food donations and essential items and allow people to simply take what they need. Reinforcing our primary message of community, acceptance, and support.

Finally, we have set out to combat isolation and loneliness through the implementation of community-focused activities, sessions, and resources. There is growing understanding that loneliness is a severe issue that has wide-ranging effects on both people and larger communities. It’s mind-blowing that a recent study reported and demonstrated that loneliness can be more damaging to health than smoking 15 cigarettes a day!